Die Cutting

Die Cutting

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Die Cutting Services at Mint Letterpress

What is Die Cutting?

Die cutting is a specialized process used to cut paper, cardstock, and other materials into specific shapes or designs using a sharp steel blade formed into a specific design or pattern. It's a precision technique that offers a unique touch to printed materials, allowing for custom shapes and intricate designs.

How Does the Production Process Work?

The die cutting process begins with the creation of a die based on the desired shape or design. This die is then used to cut the chosen material, ensuring precision and consistency across every piece. The result is a clean, sharp edge that brings your design to life.

Benefits and Limitations

Benefits of Die Cutting:

  • Customization: Tailor your print pieces to any shape or design.
  • Professional Finish: Adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to your materials.
  • Versatility: Can be combined with other finishes like embossing, foil stamping, and raised spot UV.


  • Edge Restrictions: Edge painting and edge foiling are typically not possible with irregular shapes. However, simpler shapes, like cards with rounded corners, might still be feasible. If in doubt, consult with us.

Types of Die Cutting We Offer:

  1. Basic: Ideal for straightforward shapes, such as ovals or the contour of a face.
  2. Laser: Perfect for intricate cuts, especially on materials like metal or wood prints.
  3. Multi-level: This method involves die cutting one paper layer, then adhering it to another. The result? Stunning effects like revealing a foil stamp or ink design beneath the top layer.

Design Recommendations

A Note on Design: Adding a white border or thick stroke around your piece can set it off from the background, resulting in a more cohesive look.

Combining Techniques

Die cutting can be paired with any of our other finishes. However, if you're considering edge painting or edge foiling with an irregular shape, please reach out to check compatibility.

Did You Know?

All rounded corner print pieces are actually die-cut to ensure perfectly symmetrical corners every time. If your current corners seem off, it's likely due to an inferior edge trimming machine.

Turnaround Time

Custom die cutting orders have an average turnaround of 3 weeks.

Our Storage Policy

At Mint Letterpress, we prioritize quality over storage. While we don't typically store dies, we might keep one on hand if we anticipate frequent reorders. Otherwise, we recycle them, melting them down for reuse.


At Mint Letterpress, our expertise in die cutting ensures that every project is executed with precision and passion. Trust in our mastery, and let us bring your vision to life with the perfect cut.

Austin Terrill

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