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At Mint Letterpress, we proudly offer a rich array of foil stamping colors to elevate any design you choose. With a comprehensive selection of fully metallic, matte metallic, and non-metallic (pigment) foils, every project is set to shine with a unique and captivating touch. Dive into our standard foil swatch, boasting 40 extraordinary colors, each with its distinctive allure:

Metallized Foil: Dazzle and Glitter

Bring your design to life with our metallized foil, adding an enchanting sparkle and a touch of sophistication. With a reflective metallic finish, this foil produces a striking visual appeal that readily catches the light and draws attention. Choose from an array of shades, including gold, silver, and copper to infuse luxury into your designs. Whether your aim is to craft an atmosphere of celebration or a sense of lavish grandeur, our metallized foils are the perfect tool to make your designs stand out.

Matte-Metallized Foil: Understated Refinement

For designs aiming for subtlety with a dash of elegance, our matte-metallized foil offers the perfect balance. This exceptional foil merges the shimmer of metallic finishes with a soft matte texture, creating a refined and sophisticated outcome. The matte finish adds a heartwarming nuance to your designs, delivering a feeling of intimacy and warmth. Available in several subdued shades, our matte-metallized foil introduces a modern and stylish appeal that's ideal for those seeking a distinguished aesthetic.

Non-Metallic (Pigment) Foil: Bright and Dynamic

Infuse your designs with an extra dose of vibrancy and charm with our non-metallic (pigment) foil options. Offering a broad palette of bold and dynamic shades, these foils are ideal for crafting designs that draw attention and encapsulate personality. The pigment foils' key strength lies in their ability to exhibit solid opaque colors, particularly on dark or non-white paper stocks. Given that letterpress inks can sometimes appear translucent, pigment foils offer a perfect solution for producing rich, vibrant hues that truly stand out.

Specialty Foils: Unique and Enthralling

Beyond our metallic, matte metallic, and non-metallic offerings, we also provide an assortment of specialty foils guaranteed to make your designs uniquely mesmerizing. Our pearlized transparent foils introduce a subtle shimmer and iridescent quality, creating a fascinating effect as they interact with light. For a whimsical twist, our holographic foils generate a captivating prism-like display, reflecting varied colors based on the viewing angle. If you're looking for something truly impactful, our geometric patterned foils present bold and complex designs, adding a contemporary and artistic edge. Lastly, our translucent holographic foils offer a spellbinding mix of translucency and holographic effects, permitting underlying colors and textures to come forward while adding a sprinkle of holographic enchantment.

Custom Foils: Tailored to Your Vision

At Mint Letterpress, we understand that your design needs may extend beyond our standard foil palette. If you're in pursuit of a specific shade or effect not available in our collection, we're more than happy to accommodate your unique requirements.

Through our partnerships with leading foil manufacturers, such as Kurz, Crown Roll Leaf, Great Western, and Chenhui, we can order custom rolls of foils, especially tailored for your project. This ensures that your vision is not limited by standard options and that your design perfectly matches your unique aesthetic preferences.

With our custom foils, you have the flexibility to truly make your design your own. Whether you're looking for a very particular hue or a special effect, we're committed to helping you realize your creative vision. Reach out to us with your custom needs, and together, we will bring your unique design to life.

When considering custom foils, it's important to note that costs vary based on the origin of the foils. German and American made foil rolls are typically higher in price, generally falling within the $100-120 range per roll. Asian foils, on the other hand, are more cost-effective, with prices usually ranging between $30-50 per roll. This allows for flexibility in meeting both your aesthetic and budgetary requirements.

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