Our Letterpress Papers

Our Letterpress Papers

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Welcome to the wonderful world of our cherished papers, the foundation of all our letterpress projects! Every sheet we select has its own unique charm and character, carefully chosen for their exceptional quality and aesthetic appeal.

100% Soft Cotton Papers

Our Cotton Paper range is more than just papers. They're stories waiting to be told, experiences waiting to be felt, all with a wonderful tactile softness that brings an added dimension to your creations.

White Cotton

This warm white paper, straight from the Fuji mill in Japan, is like a sunrise on a crisp winter morning - it's soft, inviting, and full of promise.

White Cotton (Fuji)
White Cotton (Fuji)

Black Cotton

Imagine the softest night sky, and that's our Black Cotton. Made in Italy by the revered Cordenons mill, it's as mysterious as it is elegant.

Black Cotton (Wild)
Black Cotton (Wild)

Blue Cotton

Brought to life by Gmund in Germany, this rich blue paper is the embodiment of a deep summer sky. It's a burst of vitality that captures the eye and heart.

Blue Cotton (Gmund)
Blue Cotton (Gmund)

Kraft Cotton

Sandy brown and made by the craftsmen at Cordenon in Italy, this paper is a natural standout. It's the earthy, grounded counterpart to our collection.

Kraft Cotton (Wild)
Kraft Cotton (Wild)

Gray Cotton

Crafted by Gmund in Germany, this light gray paper is like a hushed whisper - understated, calm, and ever so chic.

Light Gray Cotton (Gmund)
Light Gray Cotton (Gmund)

All these cotton papers are perfect for both letterpress printing and foil stamping, exuding a charm that's simply unparalleled.

Colored Papers - GF Smith Colorplan

For those looking to add a splash of color to their projects, look no further than our extensive GF Smith - Colorplan Series. With an astounding range of 55 different shades, this eggshell/uncoated paper series lets you explore everything from the subtlest pastels to the most vibrant tones. Whether it's a passionate red or a serene green, we have the perfect hue for you.

While these papers are fabulous for letterpress printing, for darker stocks we recommend using Pantone metallic inks to boost opacity. Alternatively, you can use foil stamping for a full-coverage effect. Please note, foil stamping can produce slightly less detail compared to letterpress.

Custom Papers

At our studio, we celebrate individuality. That's why we're more than happy to order custom papers just for you. No matter the size of your order, we're here to bring your vision to life in the most beautiful, tactile way. After all, the charm of letterpress lies in its bespoke nature, doesn't it?

So, let's embark on this delightful journey of creating magic with paper, shall we? We promise it'll be as fun and exciting as it sounds!

Choose Your Thickness

One of the many joys of working with paper is experiencing its unique heft and texture, which is why we offer four standard weights for all our stocks. Depending on the feel you're after, you can choose from standard, double, triple, or quad weight.

While each paper type has its own base weight, and hence, the overall thickness can vary, here's a general guide to help you decide:

Standard: This is the Goldilocks of paper weights—not too heavy, not too light. Just perfect. With a thickness of approximately 16pt, it's substantial enough to feel premium, yet light enough to be versatile.

Double: When you want to make a slightly bolder statement, go for the double weight. With a thickness around 32pt, it adds a weighty significance to your project without being overbearing.

Triple: Now we're getting serious! Triple weight paper, about 48pt thick, is a showstopper. It's ideal when you're after that "wow" factor, lending an impressive heft to your letterpress creations.

Quad: This is the heavyweight champion in our paper weight collection. At roughly 64pt thickness, quad weight paper is thick, substantial, and simply screams luxury. It's a splendid choice when you want your project to command attention and ooze opulence.

Remember, these weights are just a starting point. We're here to guide you through this process to ensure your project comes out as charming and effective as you imagined. So whether you're creating a delicate wedding invitation or a striking business card, we've got the right weight (and wait) for you!

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