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Welcome to Igloo Letterpress

I've been a big fan of Igloo Letterpress, a creative haven in Ohio that brings together artists, creators, and crafters. Step inside and you'll find a treasure trove of vintage equipment, type, and illustrations that ignite the spark of imagination and invite you to embrace the art of letterpress printing and bookbinding.

A Place of Inspiration

Igloo Letterpress is more than just a studio and retail shop—it's a community where ideas come to life. The passionate team at Igloo Letterpress is dedicated to providing a space where creativity thrives. With a rich collection of machinery and a deep appreciation for history, Igloo Letterpress welcomes anyone who seeks inspiration and a place to bring their visions to fruition.

Discover Unique Treasures

At Igloo Letterpress, you'll find an array of beautifully crafted cards and unique gifts that capture the essence of thoughtful craftsmanship. From their signature letterpress cards featuring whimsical illustrations to personalized notepads and custom prints, every item is a testament to their dedication to quality and artistic expression.

Join the Igloo Community

Stay connected with Igloo Letterpress by following them on Instagram, where you'll find updates, behind-the-scenes peeks, and a constant stream of inspiration. Sign up for their newsletter to receive news and updates directly to your inbox—you won't want to miss out on their exciting endeavors.

Contact Igloo Letterpress at info@iglooletterpress.com or call 614.787.5528 to connect with their friendly team. While their brick and mortar store may be closed, their studio remains a hub of creativity, operating Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

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Austin Terrill

Austin Terrill: Texas born, Berlin-based creative and print designer. Founder of Mint Letterpress and the Peppermint Brands family of companies. Former touring musician on the Van's Warped Tour. Passionate about music, photography, arts, and synthesizers. Family man with wife, two kids, and Havapoo, Paule.